We Are Born of Dreams by Linda J. Pedley

We are born of dreams...


...we are born of someone else's dreams and desires

yet by birth are promised destiny preplanned and placed

before our feet before we even begin to walk.


We are guided by intuition...


...we are born to listen with our hearts and hear

with an open mind: to fear, to chance, to challenge ~

long before our dreams ever become words and we talk.


We choose pathways...


...we are offered choices along the way:

right or left, right or wrong ~

never realizing that right choices just are and

wrong choices are just. They make us better individuals,

better social beings, better decisions makers...

better dreamers.


We learn with anticipation.

We cry...and however obscure...we change.


To face reality does not overwhelm because we have

wandered upon the pathway that is meant for our journey.

All things seem to go as if planned but could not be planned any better

if systematically done so. Things fall into place. Things..are just that.

People are more important and material wealth ~ not.


You do not obsess about the future.

You let go of the past.

You live in the moment and anxiously welcome each and every day as if

it were your first...or your last.


You make everything count by adding your best effort ~ never taking more

than you are willing to give. And...

if it no longer feels like it is part of you ~ you will know...

and you let it go.


At that particular point, where you stand upon that promised peak...

one you have toiled to ascend...you can look down upon your life and admit:


You are truly happy. You are truly blessed. Life makes sense.

Linda J. Pedley