Fifty Shades of Green by Lorne Lea

The first Crayola crayons I remember using had 8 colors: black, brown, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and green. The next pencil crayons doubled the number of colors by having light and dark colors, including light and dark green. The kitchen of the house I was born in always had cupboards and trim in shades of green. My mother was Irish and said, “I like green.”
One of the first cars I remember was a 1956 Chev station wagon coloured turquois. Neighbours always asked if it was blue or green.
In the winter spruce and other conifers give a contrast to the white of the snow and the grey of the skies. Crossing Groat Bridge from south to north I know that spring is here when the poplar trees send the message with new green foliage amid the dark green spruce.
My favorite colour is the effervescent green of new leaves.
April 5, 2016 in 10 minutes at WFSC Writer's Circle