Did All You Could by Sharon Baggs


Memories start from your younger days

Wanting to be loved in all ways.

No more yelling, no more slammed doors.

Just positive approval on completed chores.


Sorrow deep within; for all years lost.

Missed opportunity, at such cost!

Years go on. You try & try, yet a-gain.

Effort not appreciated, all is in vain.


Hope still carried in your heart,

Tomorrow will be different from the start.

A new beginning, a clean slate.

It's not, it's not, it's never too late.


Now a heaviness upon your chest,

A struggle to get a deep breath,

As all your hopes are dashed.

Mother, come home, GOD asked!


No more chances to gain her love

Or approval, she's in Heaven above.

Just know in your heart and soul,

You did all you could to reach that goal!


Before Time Ran Out!


(We can not the future foresee

Leave God's plans to him

He formed them all without consulting Thee

Each our own Destiny)


Written by Sharon Baggs

May12, 2009 Summerford, NL