In a Heartbeat - In memory of Vickie



In a Heartbeat




The flame flickers

Only for a moment

Then stands erect

Stretching upwards


As if knowing the length of its wick

The thickness of its coat of wax


It shines brightly

Caressing hidden corners of darkness

Beckoning all to the light

The promise within


Its sweet, spicy scent




A solitary droplet of wax


Then cautiously slips down the side

Blackened bits of wick drop delicately

A cascade of wax down the other side


The flame flickers once again


Of the slow, patient metamorphosis


It waits

Another river of wax

Like molten lava

Expected, but unexpected

And so it continues


Until, with its last breath

It curls its blackened head

Knowing the wisdom of its light

The comfort of its warmth

The joy of its scent

And sleeps forever


                                                                                         - in memory of our friend, Vickie McKenna