Writers Circle

01/08/2019 7:00 pm
01/08/2019 8:30 pm
Strathcona Writers Circle
Meeting are to be held January and February 2019 at The Sherwood Park Bookworm 

133-120 Wye Road, Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 6P2

When the library once again opens we will return to Birch room.

Share your writing with others who have a passion for the written word.

HELLO MEMBERS and others who may consider checking out our Writers Circle Meeting:

All our meetings are open to everyone (you don't have to be a member to attend),

MEMBERS: Just a reminder - if you have not paid your membership you can renew online or at any meeting. Please let Linda know so you are not blocked from the account login for the members-only portion of the web site. We welcome everyone in whatever capacity you can attend or participate. Even if you just blog or read other's work and comment online - you are contributing - and are a part of our wonderful, growing group.