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Saturday October 13, 2018

You are writing to a penpal for the first time. What do you say?


  Prompt by Mandy Eve-Barnett

Saturday October 20, 2018

It was a normal afternoon stroll until you came across this!

  Prompt by Mandy Eve-Barnett

Saturday October 27, 2018

Use 'time' as the central theme in your short story or poem.



  Prompt by Mandy Eve-Barnett

Saturday November 03, 2018

Write about the bird's typical day. What he sees and hears.



  Prompt by Mandy Eve-Barnett

Start: 11/03/2018 1:00 pm
End: 11/03/2018 4:30 pm

We are presenting our Your Lifetime of Stories presentation at the Fibromyaligia Society's event called the "Art of Healing' on Saturday 3rd November  1 pm - 4:30 pm in Sherwood Park United Church in Fir Street, Sherwood Park.

We will also have the WFSC table display for interested writiers.


All welcome

Tuesday November 06, 2018
Start: 11/06/2018 7:00 pm
End: 11/06/2018 7:00 pm
Strathcona Writers Circle

2nd Floor, Strathcona County Library, 401 Festival Lane 

Share your writing with others who have a passion for the written word.

HELLO MEMBERS and others who may consider checking out our Writers Circle Meeting:

Saturday November 10, 2018

Write a 'pagan' story or poem



  Prompt by Mandy Eve-Barnett

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