Limited Edition 2015 WFSC Calendar

WFSC 10th anniversary limited edition story calendar

WFSC Limited Edition 2015 Calendar - Celebrating 10 Years!

This calendar commemorates our 10th year with a tribute to all we have done, yet with a vision for all we still intend to do - there is so much more ahead.

As we embrace the changes in our world, and the changes in our membership, we accept that our mission will never change. We still provide support for writers - any age, any stage of their writing career.

All monies raised from the sale of this story calendar are returned to the community in the form of programs for WFSC members and the general public. The calendar was published to commemorate our 10th anniversary, but it includes so much more - our history and progression through the 10 years; our accomplishments and achievements. We are proud of the WFSC and how it has evolved over the years. Your contribution will help us continue our mandate to support writers. 

Published by Dream Write Publishing, Sherwood Park AB; printed in Edmonton AB by Alpine Press. 

Retail: $10 - reduced for 2016 fundraising to $5.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling. Please use the contact us form to inquire about bulk orders or for more information on the WFSC.

Price: $10.00